„Beniowski” – poemat dygresyjny Juliusza Słowackiego – jest jednym z najbardziej interesujących dzieł w historii polskiej literatury. Jego oryginalność, bogactwo. Not many discoverers or world travellers have made a name for themselves on the pages of Polish history. But one man that did was undoubtedly Beniowski – a . 28 Sep Maurycy August Beniowski () lost both parents while still in his teens, left home at 16 and went on to become one of Poland’s most.

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Maybe some of his later pre-Buzan work did – it would be interesting to find a reference.

Major Beniowski and the Major System

Certainly we can’t know what was said, we can only try to trace the first occurrence of the term in writing. In Januaryhowever, Benyovszky was reported to be alive and operating at Angonsty near modern-day Ambohitralanana.

I do think beniowdki possible that he read that Lorayne phrase “the two major systems in this book Skip to main content. By18 editions of the book had been published in six different languages.

Maybe it sounds more reasonable to Americans? There are extensive references to Benjowski Beniowski starting at p34 in the book https: In Hungary, Slovakia and Poland he is still celebrated as a significant national hero.

A new, upgraded forum is online! He managed to be granted a medal Order of St Louis and considerable amounts of money in back-pay, and lobbied the ministers for more money and resources for a different development plan for Madagascar.

Tony Buzan used the term in his book “Speed Memory”, that’s the earliest reference I can find. Ironically the earliest I can find is in German https: So it’s too bad the Major story didn’t pan out. I just spent a few minutes looking for more information and found this.

Beniowski’s life ended in May at the tender age of 45 beniowsmi he was mortally wounded in a clash of his pro-Madagascar forces with French colonial troops.

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Beniowski’s ship explored virgin areas of the Bering Sea several years ahead of Captain James Cook’s famous expedition. This is a fantastic website, but there are several important errors on this page. I can’t help thinking that “the Major System”, complete with capital letters, just isn’t a natural thing to call it – and it certainly doesn’t strike me as the kind of phrase that Tony Buzan would use if he was inventing a new name.

Pursued by the law, he fled the country.

Beniowski by Juliusz Słowacki

This expedition arrived in Madagascar in November and were fully established there by the end of March We’re working on migrating the content to the new forum.

It sailed to Japan, Taiwan and Macao, experiencing various adventures along the way. Eventually, Beniowski sold the ship and furs and traveled to France, where he tried to beniowwki the government in East Asian colonization. Catherine rated it it was amazing Aug 25, So, all ther references to his memory system suggest it was known as Phrenotypics.

Barbara rated it it was ok Oct 11, I also found another book by Dr. Their next known port of call was at Sakinohama on the island of Shikoku beniowki Japan, where beniowwki rested between 19 and 23 July, [35] and in the following days at Oshima island in Awa Province. I also posted that link below. K rated it it was amazing Feb 28, Just click the “Sign up” button below to create an account, and we’ll send you a free ebook with tips on how to get started.

Open Preview See a Problem? Beniowski became the hero of many other works including French and Austrian operas and a five-act play by German writer Alexander von Kotzebue. My post on the history of the major system listed Major Beniowski as the source of the name of the Major System. Despite these setbacks, over the following two years, Benyovszky sent back to Paris positive reports of his advances in Madagascar, along with requests for more funding, supplies and personnel.

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Monika M rated it liked it Oct 03, Notes and Queries, Series 8, Vols. He wrote around the same time that Lorayne first started, so it’s difficult to see who came first as neither of them credit their sources. Facing significant problems with the climate, the beniodski and the native Sakalava peoplehe abandoned the trading post in A born commander, he valiantly fought Russian troops in many battles and was wounded seven times.

At the end of his book On Memory and the Rational Means of Improving ithe mentions a course he did where he demonstrated a vast amount of knowledge he memorized on a wide range of topics. Click here to try it out. Beniowski wanted Madagascar to become an independent country with a political system patterned on the gentry democracy of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, but the French would not hear of it.

At the end of August they arrived on the island of Formosa present-day Taiwanprobably at Black Rock Bay, where three of the voyagers were killed during a fight with native islanders. Maurycy Beniowski ; Slovak: Woollacott So, all ther references to his memory system suggest it was known as Phrenotypics. Major system without phonetic system. Here the expedition was met with aggression from the Sakalava people; Benyovszky and a number of others were captured and disappeared, presumed benoowski.

The author is a very insightful writer with excellent command of his craft. Inwhile fighting for the Polish armies under the Bar Confederationhe was captured by the Russians and exiled to Kamchatka. InBenyovszky reached agreement with the French government to establish a trading beniowsii on Madagascar.

After leaving Madagascar, Benyovszky arrived back in France in April I talk about phonetic systems beniodski the time and I don’t just mean the major system.