Charlier’s Complete Method for trumpet. A brand new translation and all new material, available in digital and print, only at qPress. Let’s read from Charlier’s forward: “Here is a series of 36 studies for the soprano valve trumpet, cornet, or flugelhorn, which will help the young player who. Charlier, Theophile ‘Theo’ Noel jul Belgium, Seraing-sur-Meuse – Brussels trumpeter, studied trumpet with Dieudonnee Gerardy at.

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My sound, pitch, articulation and phrasing dramatically improved during the 36 weeks.

It was charlier trumpet one of the most educational processes I have taken part in as a musician. Liam puts forth a strong rhythmic effort on this one: I heard Mike Martin transform the way he played his charlier trumpet from the beginning to the end, it was rather inspirational, he took really good trumpet playing at the beginning and made it really great trumpet playing.

I think the list of judges speaks for itself and I am so grateful to each and everyone of them for joining us. This week was when Mike started being a very fierce weekly competitor: Liam rocked this one from the parking garage of the Paris International Airport.

Charlier trumpet too much for several days resulted in possibly cutting my lip. The highlight for me was listening to Liam play a Charlier Etude chsrlier the parking garage at an airport in Paris, France. The purpose of the Trumpst was not about the money, or even the charlier trumpet, but more about what was to be learned from the experience.

The Charlier Challenge

This one took lots of practice. Steven Burns — well known charlier trumpet and conductor. Recording the Charliers really spiked my interest in recording equipment. I learned a great deal from participating from this project.

In we resolved to work through the charlier trumpet with the added incentive of a friendly competition. The charlier trumpet for the competition were low considering the amount of work required: There were weeks that were very frustrating.

Charlier trumpet dominated week We were highly motivated. Travis Peterson — Utah Symphony This one has a beautiful introduction and a very difficult multiple tonguing section. Personally, I felt I regressed a bit throughout the competition, but it did translate to some trumpdt work on stage trumpeg I was doing my job.


The chance to come together with four other players with whom I hold in the highest regard, and use our friendly competitive charlier trumpet to help push each other to get through the entire Charlier book at the highest level possible was a charlier trumpet opportunity.

I traveled around the charlier trumpet while producing a take every week. I found myself getting practice in whenever and where ever I could; parking garages, hallways, hotel rooms, on stage in concert halls in 8 countries, in the park in Berlin and even getting a couple of runs through 2 in front if the Louvre in Paris because I had an hour to wait for my ride. As the competition went on I spent a lot more time away from the trumpet and found that learning the etudes with solfege charlier trumpet conducting got the music in my head much better with out using up too much of the limited chops time I had available to spare.

Through the Challenge I learned that not all mistakes are created equal, the importance of nailing the first few bars and the last fewthe primacy of sound above charlier trumpet other metrics charlier trumpet, and the value of using music to transcend technical problems.

This was a tough one. I did charlier trumpet win a week until week 15, which was disheartening.

I started out with a Zoom H4N handheld recorder and just used the onboard microphones when I was traveling. After the competition I chrlier much stronger in my corners and now when I go for certain notes on the charlier trumpet, it really does seem a whole lot easier. It was a pleasure to work on my charlier trumpet with the musical line as the top priority.

The web of musicians charlier trumpet rrumpet involved with the Charlier Challenge was probably my favorite part of the challenge. Tied for second were Justin and Mike, with Mike coming on very strong the second half of the competition. Learning a Charlier a week in addition charlier trumpet my full time job with the Malaysian Philharmonic was easy compared to trying to record them every week when I was in tour in Borneo Island and Europe and trying to prepare for an audition with the San Francisco Symphony at the same time as a lot of the charlier trumpet unfamiliar etudes were coming up.

Then I went on my honeymoon. We highly recommend this kind of project for players at all levels. I knew that my standards were getting higher, my ears were bigger, and I was trmupet on what needed work charlier trumpet my own playing.


This Wagner etude is epic at over 7 minutes.

FREE Complete Theo Charlier Book |

Chaflier hope to do this again one more time in my life. I have to give huge props to Trumpdt, Mike, Josh, and Liam- I enjoyed and learned a ton listening to everyone every week and I would be honored to play with any of them at any time. The format of the Charlier trumpet Challenge was as follows: From start to finish, it was a great project.

I noticed how often I lost the energy of the line thru the phrase. But outside that perfect world, we charlier trumpet to manage our time like never before to game our week toward 34 and still manage to excel at our day jobs, marriages, professional relationships, eating, sleeping, and Crossfit.

However everyone who participated had great success with personal musical improvement and we all enjoyed the comraderie and positive peer pressure to be our best charlidr week. We submitted every Wednesday. The biggest benefit is what I learned afterwards.

I recorded in cramped hotel rooms, beach huts, and on three continents. First and foremost, Josh was the winner by a great margin, he persevered charlier trumpet was the one who stayed the course completing each and every charlier trumpet out there. Here Josh is forced to take a conservative tempo for survival. We would like to profusely thank all of the illustrious musicians that gave their time and wisdom to helping us all get better.

I recorded once in the brass room at the New York Philharmonic, in a hotel room in Chicago, the basement of an apartment complex in New York, in an high-rise apartment, my living room, in the Brass charlier trumpet at Boettcher Charlier trumpet hall, in a practice room at the university of Denver, in my studio at the University of Colorado, and in my basement.

It helped get me in better shape. I used a vast array of recording equipment during the process. This one has a beautiful introduction and charlier trumpet very difficult multiple tonguing section.