The Complete Idiot’SGuide to Numerology. Uploaded by. Sagui Cohen · Numerology the Complete Guide Vol 2. Uploaded by. Iswara Jothi Magaiswaran. He passed away on May 6th. Cheiro describes several such instances which proves the accuracy of the system of numerology. The present volume has been . 24 Feb Sanskrit Literature, Vedic literature, Dharma Texts, ‘Cheiro’s Numerology ‘.

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Although a great man, Napoleon was on the lower plane of existence, as can be seen if one looks up how the number 8 Saturn and the 9 Mars dominated the chief events of his career.

Has the same meaning as the number Thou gavest unto me this knowledge which is the foundation of all my Wisdom. We know that they exercise nuerology influence on this earth which is felt by the veriest atoms in the earth, though what this force is, or with what incredible speed it acts, may forever remain a mystery.

Later on in his life he changed it to Napoleon Bonaparte.

They are inclined to lack caution, being by nature impulsive and quick in thought and action. Granted that this be admitted, what then of the part played on human nature by the rest of numeroligy planets, which are in each individual case far larger than the moon? This number 9 has some very curious properties. Number 7 persons, or those who are born on the: Number 26 — Troubles, and to look closely dheiro who you are dealing with, as those around you may be to blame for your misfortunes more than any error of your own.

Lucky Name Numerology Calculator – Is Your Name Lucky

Buy Numerology Software and Books. However, number 2 people only thrive in positive environments and are too easily scattered. He should never have allowed such familiarity, but insisted on being called, if he could do it, by the single word MacDonald with its magical number of Louis XVI was born August 23rd, also producing a 5. Number 19 — Enlightenment. The mystical discs which surround Indian and Chinese pagodas are 13 in number. They are also likely to have trouble with the eyes, or astigmatism, and would do well to have cheio sight carefully tested from time to time.


Love, courtship, mating, marriage, art, music, decoration, dress, entertaining, holidays, dancing, gambling, peacemaking, pleasure of every kind, healing, social occasions of every kind, almsgiving.

Turning to the more mysterious or hidden influences indicated by the compound numbers, if we add the single digit of the birth number, the 3, to the digit of the name number, the 7 they produce the compound number of cheir Imagine a tall strong tower being struck down by lightning, and this tells you what you need to know about this number, a sudden and unexpected fate to what was on the surface a stable situation.

And they are liable to get cuts and wounds in the head, and they usually run danger from fire. As a result the finer aspects of the science of numbers have been lost in time. First we must consider each number in relation to the Planet it—if I may use a simple expression— represents. Usually indicates assured success, understanding, warmth, courage and positive energies. As a rule all number 6 people are extremely magnetic; they attract others to them, and they are loved and often worshipped by those under them.

They must, however, bear in mind that any number of the series they belong to is equally important. They are chiefly inclined towards gastric troubles, and they should be extremely careful in regard to shellfish and such things. In the Indian Pantheon there are 13 Buddhas. Similarly, activities nkmerology a negative kind—reaping crops, extermination of pests, either animal, vegetable or parasitic, surgical excision of morbid growths, etc.

Number 23 — Strength.

The other point people raise is why chekro associations are different to the Pythagorean system of numerology. Not necessarily your own strength, but that your back is covered by the power and influence of others in higher places.

Hence our very existence that is birth and death, is choiceless.

The higher types numero,ogy clever, capable, witty, subtle, with an odd sense of humour quite their own. Current year forecast by personal year calculator.

Cheiro Numerology

They are inclined to attempt too much mentally, to live too much on their nerves. They often make excellent psychics, and usually have a yearning after the mysterious. The principal herbs for number 5 persons or those born on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd of any month, are carrots, parsnips, sea-kale, oats in the from of oatmeal or bread, parsley, sweet marjoram, champignons, caraway seeds, thyme, nuts of all kinds, but especially hazel-nuts and walnuts. Number 39 — as per Taking the compound number of the birth, February 12th, for another indication of the occult influences governing this career, we read for this number in chapter 4: Louis will again reign in France.

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It is quite a simple matter to find out the day of the month on which the – person one is going to interview was born, for if one does not ask the year of birth, even the woman most sensitive about her age will tell the date on which she was born.

Kindness and tact cjeiro positive features of this number. They should, if possible, live nujerology bright, sunny, dry climates, and take a great amount of fresh air and exercise.

Cheiro Numerology

This number stands for the forefront of creative capabilities, enduring strength, focus and positivity. They are inclined to have some peculiar delicacy in numerokogy with the skin; it is either extremely sensitive to friction, or has some peculiarity as regards perspiration.

The single digit of 3 for the birth is a powerful number, being in itself representative of the Planet Jupiter; it indicates underlying ambition, the power to rule and dictate. This number has a very powerful potency of its own.

The birth stones for the period are sapp- hires, pink topazes, and moonstones. If, on the contrary, we find that the person is completely dominated by the number 8, always recurring in important events, or if instead of 8 the nearly equally fatalistic number of 4 is continually recurring, we may then be sure that we are in the presence of one of those strange playthings of Fate with 57 the possibilities that tragedy numerllogy be interwoven in their Destiny.

The lower types are unscrupulous in finance and untruthful. It is quite simple when one has once grasped this principle and can appreciate the marvellous harmony of this wonderful universe in which we live. Sir Alma-Tadema nuerology born on January 8th, which would account for the 17th, which gives the single number 8, having such importance vheiro his life.