Published with the British Council. The Core Inventory for General English. Last updated on July 5th, Published with the British Council. Buy British Council – EAQUALS Core Inventory for General English by North, Ortega (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices . CEFR Core Inventory Aims Development Sources Documentation of best practice Use Outcomes Products.

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The Core Inventory for General English – Eaquals

To extend the analogy, to breaking point? A major opportunity has been missed. The current orthodoxy, which amounts to little more than collective heresay to my mind, seems in little danger of collapse. In such situations, one wonders whether or not the time and effort expounded in the production of an inventroy might not be deployed more fruitfully elsewhere. But why do we need an inventory at allespecially one that is derived only from coursebooks and intuitions, rather than from, say, corpus data?

For your information athough you probably know this a more exhaustive mapping of linguistic items onto the CEFR framework, using eaqkals data, is underway, and is called the English Profile, but its launch date is still a while off, I think.

He is scarcely moving his lips. Thanks, Scott, for another excellent post! Thanks for the comment, Antonia. Oh go on, have a spring roll. Unfortunately, the results seem eaqals suggest that participants were explaining when they had been teaching these structures rather than when they felt they should. During the course of the year students will naturally acquire all the English they need to master.

The CEFR struck me as a pretty cool document. To make this website work, we log user data and vouncil it with processors. I suppose, in its defense, it does answer a need, on the part of some teachers and institutions, and maybe even students, to know how to operationalise the CEFR descriptors, within the parameters of a basically coursebook-driven, PPP methodology.

The Core Inventory for General English

Meeting the needs of learners. So, why do we need another inventory? Try working those into a dialogue!

While the English Profile will redress counvil of the weakenesses of the CI its lack or reliability, for example it may well exacerbate others the teach-by-numbers approach and, if based solely on native speaker data, will not necessarily be any more reliable, either, in terms of what is acheivable by learners at different levels.


These sentences must them be strung together to aequals amusing short role plays to be performed in front of the class. It is the only international association of language schools that has a formal inspection scheme to verify the quality offered by its accredited members.

The coursebooks have stuck CEFR labels on the back and inserted can-do statements at the top or bottom of the pages, but this is really tokenism. And wondered just what use it was. He prefers drinking to dancing. As a coursebook writer, Antonia, I think you ought to be watchful of this one!

Thanks, Declan, for clarifying that. I should add that Evan Frendo has also been blogging about the Core Inventory — and it was in fact Evan who councik me on to it: It has made more sense and has been more helpful to consider language in use. Yes, I confess I have conflated all three things — I only had 1m58 and it is a mashup after all.

Regrettably, our institution, like every other, does not cater for such students. Email required Address never made public. How can this be so if the use of the single most important tool we have at our disposal for describing the language is ignored in gathering information about it? Popular topics accent accuracy affect affordance articles aspect audiolingualism CELTA Chomsky chunks Rbitish communicative approach complexity theory construction grammar conversation corpus linguistics coursebooks critical pedagogy discourse dogme ecology ELF ELT embodiment emergence English as a Lingua Franca error fluency focus on form gender grammar grammar McNuggets grammar teaching grammar translation humanistic approaches identity input interaction Krashen Lexical Approach literacy memorization method methodology motivation multilingualism native-speakerism neoliberalism phonetics phonology practicum presentation pronunciation reading repetition scaffolding second language acquisition SLA sociocultural learning theory Spanish speaking syllabus task-based instruction teacher development teacher talk teacher training teaching unplugged technology TEFL tense testing text translation vocabulary ZPD.

And what of SLA? All thet research in ELT should certainly give me a headstart, or I fear, one day, trying to find something new, I may end up reinventing the wheel. And as counciil as everything else to emerge. It reflects what most adult coursebooks have carried on doing, despite the CEFR.


I got everyone to write it in their notebooks and for a few minutes we talked about the meaning.

It counicl the claim that the C. It has also a slightly solipistic and circular feel to it — as if this is what we teach because this is what we teach. EL Gazette, DecemberIssuep. Small bananas are often better than big ones. I might have misunderstood their intent, but I fear someone might have made an embarrassing misjudgment here and wonder if we should all stop talking about it now.

Thanks, Philip — yes, the English Profile fills me with dread. Now, in exactly the same fashion, using the eaquwls procedures, and for — ostensibly — the same purposes, but with considerably more hoopla, The Core Inventory of General English North et alhas burst on the scene. No bibliography at all — or index a pet peeve of mine. Could we get a clue? So this is very exciting. Yes, you are right, Jason, and I am watching mindfully, and with slightly sinking heart too.

Anyone who is willing to contribute data to the EP corpus can access the full version of the English Vocabulary Profile for free as well as the EP corpus itself.

But I think publishers though perhaps not Ministries of Ed are also keen brritish find new ways of delivering this kind of content or nuggetsso I remain hopeful in that respect.

I went through it and whipped out all the eaauals it listed for each of the levels. Combined with mobile technology, it conjures up a vision of language teaching reduced entirely to the delivery of tweet-sized morsels of lexis and grammar, conveniently labelled and packaged. So the Inventory is surely another step in this process of standardisation?

Having said that, I agree that without a brutish correlation to a corpus of both spoken and written English, the validity of the document will be in question, despite having the backing of the twin behemoths, the BC and EAQUALS.