The Robotech Role-Playing Game, based on the Robotech and Robotech II: The Sentinels series, was originally published by Palladium Books from to. 28 Feb [Statement by Palladium]( tacticstm/posts/) > When the Robotech® RPG Tactics. 28 Feb The Link: Things really don’t look good for Palladium as a.

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I do think KS backers do get similar protections as straight consumers, although with ronotech, and especially dependent on what the project creator represents on their own campaign materials and palladium robotech with their backers. Osgood – Wednesday, 28th February, Palladium robotech someone else said in this thread, Palladium robotech deserves to be shut out of business for this colossal failure.

You only get this kind of action against deep pocketed defendants who don’t want to immediately settle for business reasons e. paoladium

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ by Palladium Books — Kickstarter

I’d still say if a few more backers got up to spend 30 seconds to draft an Pwlladium General complaint we might get some movement but if the majority won’t take 30 seconds palladium robotech fill out an online form I guess that about seals this kickfailure up. I have regretted since backing this Kickstarter Project palladium robotech to this day, your actions have continued to solidify this viewpoint.

On the product PB side it does seem that, at least palladium robotech, they are actually getting a lot roboetch stuff to print, which was my point, previously there did seem to be a cashflow situation, ten palladium robotech could be just a coincidence.

The work you’ve done is excellent, and highlights exactly how these con-artists ripped us backers off. We are currently working toward doing just that. You know, you were part of it. Man, there are palladium robotech LOT of angry comments on there, and rightly so. The more interestuing take is Morgan’s well founded idea that PB wouldhave to have palladium robotech everything they had at retail to produce wave 2.


Alucard on March 8, Still waiting for estimate on postage.

Palladium robotech Maraz – Wednesday, 28th February, Its a bit messy. Expect kevin, if he is at the Robootech stand for any length of time will simply give short shrift to any RTT questions, while asking if that RTT fan would like something from under the counter in a brown paper bag?

There have been palladium robotech a palladium robotech applications and I have almost been overwhelmed by the number of people wishing to pallafium.

I want a reckoning from the d-bag that had led us along for so many palladium robotech. And pay freaking shipping.

Palladium Updates Robotech RPG Tactics Shipment Info

Another kick in the teeth for Palladium Crooks. Megaversal system The Rifter List of role-playing games by genre. I figured at least a third of the PM funding would have been for other stuff, so I feel my argument for 10K is on solid ground.

Would love someone to throw in a question about what happenned to palladium robotech RTT project and watch robtoech look on his face. These figures should be tackled by people of intermediate skill at the least. And these offers of “good faith” replacements are palladiuk damn insulting.

Kevin has stated he has accurate records Updateso if my numbers are way off, it could easily be disproven. Reading the latest PBWU it is neither surprising or unexpected that kevin has moved on palladium robotech all the hurt he caused here is palladium robotech. I’m probably just being blind.

Not apologies, not excuses, not unwanted replacement product.

Palladium Updates Robotech RPG Tactics Shipment Info – Tabletop Gaming News

That said, this Kickstarter predates those changes. Lee on March 7, all backers that have applied to join the legal action facebook group. Here is the breakdown that I wrote in midwhich is found in the original ;alladium of that thread. I have no faith that we will actually see what is now palladium robotech 3. From the OP I didn’t read anything that palladium robotech they did.


Pwlladium was over in Iraq serving. Personally, I think they’re palladium robotech something by lies of omission in those very updates. But, then move on and palladium robotech about happier things.

Palladium loses rights to Robotech rpg and Robotech Tactics Miniatures Game He doesn’t mention losing the overall license in that post. It is hard to sum up. Palladium robotech a GenCon attendee got hold of a copy, he recorded an unboxing video which revealed that the game quality was well below what was promised with missing components, unpainted figures and obvious manufacturing flaws. Coupled with the fact that the company finishes with him, as noone else appears to write, noone else appears capable of making decisions, and the small cult of fans appear to be Kevin fans, rather than Palladium fans, when he finally gives up his position, PB becomes a back catalog company, fading into even further obscurity than their current position.

Originally Posted by Morrus. You know, Palladium is offering to people – robitech long palladium robotech paid a palladium robotech of money – the possibility to exchange their KS “credit” for products they aren’t probably interested in, at their full retail price, and adding the shipping costs! It looks like I can buy it from Amazon. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the palladium robotech.