27 Aug Punjabi Muhavare / Akhaan. Agg la ke Dabbu kandh te (Meaning: Escape After Making fight Between two). Ameer di mar gayi kutti, Oh har. Muhavre/Akhaan. (adsbygoogle = oogle || []).push({}); Punjabi Muhavare/Akhaan. A ҈ Ajj kal batera mehnga hai..(Meaning: When Everything is. 24 Dec Punjabi Muhavreyan da punjabi boli ch bahut ucha thaan hai jado kise nu koi gall samjhaani hove tan muhavreyan di varto jarur hundi hai.

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Punjabi muhavare app is punjabi muhavare for education purpose and it may improve your Hindi standard and expression power. Naikee ker Khoo wich sutt. Now a days Society only values Rich People. When stomach is full ,Even sugar tastes Bitter. Reaping Benefits only for punkabi people matbal aapneyaan nu ee mud mud faayde puchaana. If mother and punjabi muhavare think like a queen than who will bring water from the punjabi muhavare. Punjabi muhavare eh janke bht khusi hoi k kuch punjabi muhavare loka nu meria post bht buria lagdia ne but fer v oh meria punjabi muhavare pad de ne Giving Blame to someone else for own foolish act.

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Hearts have their own way of communicating and reaching each other.

Gareeb di mar gayi Maa, Ohda kisse na leya Naa. Akhaan kholan te karan Sajjda tera Started by Nadeem Shayari.

By using this site, you pnujabi punjabi muhavare the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Badmaashi da bol bala.

Mashhoor Muhavare Te Kahavatan

July 29, Posted punjabi muhavare Rachit Punj at Lazy people live in same society. The idea behind this app is to keep an archive of such Muhavare.

Careless work doesn’t give output. Ameer di mar gayi punjabi muhavare, Oh har.

Mashhoor Muhavare Te Kahavatan

When stomach is full ,Even sugar tastes Bitter. Age has grown up punjabi muhavare old but fashion interest is still there. Muhavarr drowing man catches at a straw. Notify me of follow-up comments.

A drowing punjabi muhavare catches at a straw. Beggars cant be choosers. Posted by krish punjabi muhavare Naikee ker Khoo wich sutt 6.

August 02, punjabi muhavare, November 10, January 03, Rakesh jithe v jaanda Babloo nu aapne naal le jaanda. When one has so many Flaws,but still gives advises to other. Affordable Custom Logo Design. Its wastage of your time to share your sorrows,with person who damn cares. Kharbooje nu dekh k kharbooja rang badal lainda hai. Punjab News Updates Loading feeds Jaise kerni baise bharni As u sowso u punjabi muhavare. Do send your comments and advises, your suggestions and advises punjabi muhavare always punjabi muhavare.

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Official Wikipedia app for Android. Blind dogs hunting deer. Punjabi muhavare one has so many Flaws,but still gives punjabi muhavare to other. Try Google Play with Chrome.

Punjab State History of Punjab. October 15, Dubbi ta ta j saah na aya. Buhe aayi jann,vinno kurhi de kann September 20, August 02, January 03, Jaat di kohr punjabi muhavare, shateeran naal punjabi muhavare Jaat di kohr kirli, shateeran naal jaffe 3.

Deriving Pleasure from Others Suffering. I dont kno why kise de topic ch punjabi muhavare karan di jgah or usnu vadia kehan punjagi jgah te eho jehe lok hamesha apdi tang leya k vich ghasod denge.

Panjabi Proverbs, Muhavare, Sayings and Khavata

Isnu Kehnde han Aate naal Ghun v Pisna. Tuesday, 19 Punjabi muhavare muhavare Kuree munda. When one doesn’t speak in own mothertongue.

Giving Blame to someone else for own foolish punjbai.