20 Nov The Selected Works of TS Spivet. In the fourth of a series of Q&As with the shortlisted authors, Reif Larsen discusses his novel. Reif Larsen. About The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet. A brilliant, boundary-leaping debut novel tracing twelve-year-old genius map maker T.S. Spivet’s attempts to. 19 Jun “The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet” is ultimately a novel to be appreciated rather than adored, devoured or even acutely analyzed, for it is not a.

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Return to Book Page. The future of Africa lies in its women. I would recoment it to anyone who enjoys science, great maps and exiting road trips: It’s the novel equivalent of a low-fi indie come It’s true, there’s very little else like this.

It was awesome, but it was a lot of work. What saves The Selected Works of T. It’s all about the journey. So the father is left with the useless son, the one who he never understood nor cared to understand.

I would easily recommend reading this enjoyable and engrossing book. I love novels with alienated gifted-and-talented narrators, with Hal from Infinite Jest probably taking the cake, but for some reason I just wasn’t as convinced by T.

The illustrations and maps make this book a true gem.

The story takes three parts, and their differences evoke a kind of structural schizophrenia: Deciding to make his own way to Washington, T. From the cover, the drawings, the colors, it’s amazing. He is only twelve years old, and he sees his whole world through the lens of mapping.

Open Preview See a Problem? Spivetwas a New York Times bestseller and is currently translated into twenty-seven languages. And here is the main problem of this novel: But the adventure and dramatic scenarios are enjoyable just the same: What came first in the novel?


The Selected Works of TS Spivet | Books | The Guardian

A secret family history found within his luggage tells the story of T. It is more than occasionally diverting.

Are we getting a read on how precious this all is? Quotes from The Selected Work So somebody cared enough to fix the mistake. This is more my speed:: It is a shame because the beginning was amazingly full of potential which just made for a very frustrating read as the story progressed into the mess it became. To ask other readers questions about The Selected Works of T.

The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jun 21, Sibyl rated it it was amazing. You have this family with the boy genius, his 16 year old sassy sister, his tragic brother, his cowboy father and his scientist mother who he calls Dr.

The second time around, I’m discovering tiny magical details, making g.s.spivet connections, and enjoying it all over again. One day I was walking past the music room and I heard this amazing music… it was the school marimba band.

I would like to say the voice of the character, but as I mentioned above, there was some revisional hopscotch before this clicked into gear. Discover The Selected Works of T. Good novels entertain; great ones come as a gift to the readers who are lucky enough to find them.

Yes, for escape on a rainy day. Once aboard, his adventures step into high gear and he meticulously maps, charts, and illustrates his exploits, documenting mythical wormholes in the Midwest, the urban phenomenon of “rims,” and the pleasures of McDonald’s, among other things. We come in contact with his family, his ancestors, the strangers he meets, and the places he sees.

This phrase came from when my boyfriend was reading a book set in King Arthur’s time period and threw the book across the room when he read that the peasants were eating spiced potatoes. Well, probably not flee in the dead of the night and illegally ride the freight trains for two thousand miles to reach Washington D.

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Some critics, however, cited selectde significant deceleration in the novel’s storyline, pointing out errors made by the first-time writer toward selectsd work’s conclusion.

From Montana to D. Selectrd no longer o of writing is as self-centered a pursuit as I once did. For me, there were too many; and none was concluded in a satisfactory way. To be true to the method of the book, I have included my own sketch of what happened to me while reading it.

Not only on its cover and beautiful binding, but mostly on the wonderful illustriations that dotted the margins of almost eelected page. Videos About This Book. At least its premise wors interesting; at least the first pages were really cute. This makes the in-store browsing of the book a rare delight, but the actual reading of the book as slow as a snail with bad shoes seleced a poor attitude.

He has an insight into the little rituals of our reality that makes me want to laugh and cry.

The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet – Wikipedia

I don’t think this is a t.s.sppivet middle-schoolers would keep reading even if you could get them to start it. It’s kind of like the arc of Nicholas Cage’s movie career. But during the periods of time in which he is not having a conversation with a mountain or gun, most of his time is spent reading his mother’s biography of his great-grandmother.