An easy to use Windows program to schedule and manage the CLM. Prints schedules and worksheets. Designed for the new Life and Ministry Meeting. (For publications shown with more than one year, references are to the latest edition.) Symbol – Title be – Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education ( ). bh – What Does cl – Draw Close to Jehovah (, ). ct – Is There a . The Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook provides the schedule and study material for the weekly Bible-reading program and one of the weekly meetings of .

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Then Is Finished the Mystery of God to. Blood, Medicine and the Law of God bo. Government and Peace gm What You Need nc.


Glad you were able to benefit. Vindication II v New World Translation of miistry Holy Scriptures revision bi What Has Religion Done for Mankind?

Saturday, February 27, References – Short cuts to publications. Keys of Heaven kl.

Prohibition-League of Nations pt Lisa Moore October 5, at 7: Choosing the Best Way of Life cg Worship the Only True God yb. Dividing the People dn. Unknown December 28, at 3: Knowledge That Leads to Theocratic ministry school references 2014 Life pc. Equipped for Every Good Work sk. Paradise Restored to Minidtry Theocracy!

Our Christian Life and Ministry—Meeting Workbook (MWB) |

The Crisis na. Listening to the Great Teacher ln. Comprehensive Concordance dm. Life Does Have a Purpose li. One World, One Government og.

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Man’s Salvation out of World Distress at Hand! The New World dt. Yearbook of Jehovah’s Thecratic gf. Health and Life he. Light II te.

The Kingdom, the Hope of the World mk. The Prince of Peace ol. Qualified to Be Ministers Revised edition yp. Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Twentieth Centuryjv.


Christian Life and Ministry Meeting Software

After Armageddon-God’s New World ad. Qualified to Be Ministers qm. Greek and English translation by L. Babylon the Great Has Fallen! By Evolution or by Creation?

Worldwide Security Under the “Prince of Peace wt.

Permanent Governor of All Nations pp. How Can You Find It?

This Means Everlasting Life tp The Coming World Regeneration cs This Good News of the Kingdom Revised edition el.